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Jazz Today, Jazz Tomorrow (1990 - 2023 +)

IV. Cultural Implications

A. of change


Jazz has reflected the profound and rapid changes in American lifestyle in the 20th and 21st centuries 



like no other music in history, the styles of jazz have changed profoundly and rapidly 



like no other time in history, lifestyles in 20th and 21st century America have changed profoundly and rapidly (e.g., family life, gender roles, leisure habits, living arrangements, work, politics, sexuality, spirituality) 

B. of the American experience


As throughout the 20th century, jazz will continue to give the American people a collective picture of cultural conditions and changes in America 

C. of controversey


Jazz has and will continue to remain a symbol of modernization, city life, and interracial activity; for this reason, cultural conservatives and racists will continue to denounce it 

D. of expression


Jazz will continue to epitomize the American ideal of individual expression 

E. of the political


Perhaps there is no better example of democracy than a jazz ensemble: individual freedom but with responsibility to the group 

F. of human interaction


The study of jazz provides insight into such intangibles as responsibility, unity with ethnic diversity, teamwork, and goal accomplishment 

G. of the American inheritance


The study of jazz provides better understanding of and respect for this country’s diverse cultural heritage 

H. of the past


Jazz will continue to reflect young people’s desire to express their differences from and pay homage to earlier generations; jazz will continue to reflect both the modernizing and nostalgic spirit of Americans 

I. of the future


Jazz reflects how American young people have, at least in part, led the way for their elders, using music to explore their emotions and desires as they direct social innovation; from its beginning, jazz has been an art for energetic people brave (or reckless) enough to express their emotions with impervious honesty  

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