Title: Change Of Heart
Artist: David Sanborn


Composer: M. Colina/D. Sanborn
Publisher: Hiatus Music/Songs of Universal, Inc. (MCA)
CD: A Change Of Heart
Label: Warner Brothers
(c) and (p) 1987 Warner Brothers Records, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Recording Date: 1987
Personnel: David Sanborn, alto saxophone; Michael Colina, synthesizer; Marcus Miller, electric bass; Nicky Moroch, electric guitar; Mino Cinelu, percussion; Michael Brecker, EWI (electronic wind instrument; John Mahoney, synclavier
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Title: A Change of Heart
Artist: David Sanborn
Type of Tune: smooth jazz
Tempo: 162 BPM (beats per minute)
Key: A minor
Devices: melody continues throughout tune with little embellishment
Scales: minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, major
Recurring Patterns: drum and bass pattern repeats throughout tune
Developmental Techniques: mood is created with synthesizer and saxophone, which has a sound that loosely emulates a cry or wail

General Comments:

This tune is an example of smooth jazz that became prevalent in the 1980s and is still popular today. The style is characterized by synthesizers, simple melodies and chord progressions, little improvisation, and rock and R&B drum and bass patterns. David Sanborn was one of the first musicians to popularize this style.