Title: Chameleon
Artist: Herbie Hancock


Composer: Hancock/Jackson/Mason/Maupin
Publisher: Hancock Music Co.
CD: Head Hunters
Label: Columbia
(c) and (p) 1973 CBS Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Recording Date: 1973
Personnel: Herbie Hancock, keboards; Benny Maupin, reeds; Paul Jackson, electric bass; Harvey Mason, drums; Bill Summers, percussion
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Title: Chameleon
Artist: Herbie Hancock
Type of Tune: Fusion/Jazz-Funk
Tempo: 98 BPM (beats per minute)
Key: Bb minor
Form: A-B
Devices: repeating vamp
Scale(s): pentatonic
Recurring Patterns: bassline repeats throughout tune
Developmental Techniques: groove continues

General Comments:

This tune was considered innovative at the time of its release because of its blend of jazz sounds and funk grooves and rhythms. Herbie Hancock was influenced at the time by James Brown, Sly Stone, and other funk artists. Music historians have noted the influence of African music on funk as heard in the repetition of rhythmic patterns. This is one of the most famous jazz/funk and fusion tunes in history and is played all over the world by jazz groups, funk bands, and high school big bands.