Title: The Entertainer
Artist: John Arpin


Composer: Scott Joplin
Publisher: Public Domain
CD: Scott Joplin Greatest Hits
Label: Fanfare
(c) and (p) 1988 Fanfare Records. All Rights Reserved.
Recording Date: February 3, 1988
Personnel: John Arpin, piano
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Artist: Scott Joplin
Type of Tune: Ragtime
Tempo: 130 BPM
Key: C Major
Form: A-A-B-B-A-C-C-B prime-D-D-A
Devices: series of sections with emphasis on melody
Scale(s): major/blues
Recurring patterns:
Developmental techniques:

General Comments:

This is the most famous ragtime tune of all time mostly because of its use in the film The Sting. The tune is a great example of the ragtime piano style in which the piano player plays the melody with his right hand and alternates between bass notes and chords with the left hand.