Title: A Night in Tunisia
Artist: Charlie Parker


Composer: Dizzy Gillespie
Publisher: MCA Music Pub.
CD: The Complete Dial Sessions
Label: Jazz Classics
(c) and (p) 1996 Jazz Classics. All rights reserved.
Recording Date: March 28, 1946
Personnel: Charlie Parker, alto saxophone; Miles Davis, trumpet; Lucky Thompson, tenor saxophone; Arv Garrison, guitar; Dodo Marmorosa, piano; Vic McMillan, bass; Roy Porter, drums.
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Title: A Night in Tunisia
Artist: Charlie Parker
Type of Tune: bebop with Latin influence
Tempo: 178 BPM (beats per minute)
Key: D minor
Form: AABA Interlude
Devices: The rhythm alternates between Latin and swing
Scales: harmonic minor, melodic minor and derivitives
Recurring Patterns: half step root movement; minor II V I
Developmental Techniques: alternation between Latin and swing rhythm; solos divided by Interlude

General Comments:

This tune reflects one of the first examples of the blending of Latin rhythms with bebop melodies and concepts. This mix happened largely as a result of trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie meeting Cuban percussionist Chano Pozo.